Norwich Show Centre

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Map of Norwich Show Centre location

Liberator House, Bidwell Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate, Norwich, Norfolk NR13 6PT

Opening hours:

  • Our show centre is Closed to the general public
  • Viewing of display buildings is by appointment only
  • Please do not visit the show centre without an appointment
  • Viewing appointments are available on Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm
  • We are Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

Norwich Show Centre - Directions

Our Norwich show centre is located at Rackheath Industrial Estate near Norwich. Rackheath is approximately 3 miles north east of Norwich on the A1151 Wroxham Road. You can zoom in and out of the Google Map to plan your route.

Norwich Show Centre - History

  • Established in 1981 we have been based at Rackheath since 1984, where we currently own 6 freehold industrial units.
  • In 1996 we moved our show centre to Notcutts Garden Centre in Norwich, where it remained until 2007.
  • From 2007 to 2010 the show centre was located at Bluebell Road, Eaton, Norwich, at a site next to Bartram Mowers.
  • In 2011 our Norwich show centre returned to Rackheath where it is located at one of our warehouses.
  • In March 2020 the show centre closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and it remained closed throughout the pandemic.
  • We recently decided to sell most of the display buildings and close the show centre, but we kept 4 buildings which can be viewed by appointment only.

We currently have a garden office, two log cabins and a greenhouse on display at our showcentre where you can see these superb buildings in person and get a real feel for the quality from inside and out.
Please contact us on any weekday to book an appointment to view these buildings.


Click on the photo to see full details of the garden office, the two log cabins or the greenhouse on display in Norwich
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