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Shire Ardcastle Corner Log Cabin - Georgian

Shire Ardcastle Corner Log Cabin - Georgian
Picture 1 shows the double door log cabin. Picture 2 shows the single door cabin.


Designed to suit a corner location, this 2.96m wide x 2.96m deep log cabin features 28mm thick logs with optional felt tiles. Other features include 2 opening windows with low level glazing and a choice of single or double hinged doors. Pressure treated floor joists and good quality joinery doors and windows are also included. Detailed fitting instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly. Low cost installation is available in many areas.

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  • External cabin size 2.96m x 2.96m (9'8" x 9'8")
  • Internal cabin size 2.71m x 2.71m (8'11" x 8'11")
  • 28mm thick tongued and grooved wall logs
  • All timber used in the construction of this log cabin originates from sustainable forests
  • 62mm x 34mm pressure treated floor joists (lifetime preservative treatment)
  • 11mm OSB roof and floor boards (oriented strand boards)
  • 20kg green mineral felted roof
  • Low level glazing to provide a panoramic view
  • Single glazed horticultural glass included
  • Morticed and tenoned joinery doors and windows
  • Mortice lock with handles and keys
  • Single hinged door
  • Overall door frame size 0.81m wide x 1.877m high (2'8" x 6'2")
  • Door size 0.67m wide x 1.737m high (2'2" x 5'8")
  • Approximate head clearance 1.787m high (5'10")
  • Double hinged doors
  • Overall door frame size 1.5m wide x 1.877m high (4'11" x 6'2")
  • Door size 1.36m wide x 1.737m high (4'6" x 5'8")
  • Approximate head clearance 1.787m high (5'10")
  • 2 outward opening top hinged windows
  • Overall window frame size 1.095m wide x 1.413m high (3'8" x 4'8")
  • Window size 0.915m wide x 1.233m high (3'0" x 4'1")
  • Ridge height approximately 9'2" (2.8m)

JOINERY DOORS & WINDOWS: These log cabins feature joinery made door leaves and window sashes with morticed and tenoned joints throughout. This traditional jointing process is commonly used in the housebuilding industry when timber windows and doors are specified. A rebate or mortice is cut out in one piece of wood which precisely matches a tongue or tenon cut in the other piece of wood. Morticed and tenoned joints are the strongest type of joint used in the construction of wooden windows and doors. High quality handles, locks and hinges are also included.

CORNER BUILDING SIZES: For ease of reference these corner log cabins are measured as a square based on the width of the two longest walls. The external wall sizes are listed alongside the price. These sizes do not include the roof overhang. Many other suppliers quote the overall roof size which is much larger.

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