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Customer Letters

Customer Letter

Dear Sir

My summer house is now installed and just requires a little "tidying". The installation went smoothly and your team worked extremely hard to complete the work. A couple of design flaws are apparent. The top hung windows open outward and only clear the window boxes by a few centimetres and would decapitate any plants my wife may plant! Roof edging trim is only fitted on the window/door elevations and this is not the best fit but can be sorted. The door does not lock and the alignment will have to be adjusted. These are only small issues on a building which we consider to be excellent value for money.

Your team commented on the quality of the base stating that it was one of the best they had worked on. This was installed by your base layer 480 (NAME). You may wish to tell him.

Thank you very much for an efficient ordering and installation system and I would not hesitate to recommend your firm.

Kind Regards


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